Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Box Tops for Education Sweeten Your Holiday Sweepstakes

According to their website, Box Tops for Education donated 49 million dollars to schools last year.

How much of it went to your child's school? Find out here.

Do you, your family and friends save Box Tops?

You really should.

Each individual Box Top is worth 10cents to the school. Over the year I collected about $20 worth of box tops just from items my family purchased. If every child in my sons school had a family who took the time to clip box tops at $20 per year, the school would raise $10,700!

The great news is that Box Tops is offering several Box Tops Sweepstakes on their website.  The latest is Sweeten Your Holiday Sweepstakes not only can you win 5000 Box Tops for your school, you get a gift basket too!

Don't forget to visit the Box Tops Coupon page for extra savings on products that sponsor the Box Tops Program.

Good Luck


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