The Importance of Online Rebate Programs

Don't under estimate the power of online rebate programs.  I have saved THOUSANDS of dollars over the last few years in cash rebates alone not to mention the coupon codes and private discounts they offer to there members.  Best of all the programs are free. Here are my top 3 recommendations:

1) EBATES: Ebates offers rebates and coupons to over 1200 stores including some of my favorites like eBay, Kohls,, Crocs, The rebate checks are mailed out quarterly in one "Big Fat Check," or you can choose to recieve your quarterly payments deposited directly to your Paypal account.
Click here to join Ebates for free and receive your choice of $10 Gift Card or $5 Cash.

2) Offers an excellent rebate program for those of us trying to save for our children's college education and for those of us still paying off student loans.

How It Works
  • Join Upromise for FREE and register your grocery loyalty cards, credit cards, and other basic information to allow us to track your eligible spending
  • Shop for the participating products and services you enjoy
  • Save a portion of your qualified spending for college automatically in your Upromise account.
  • You can choose to set up 529 savings plan that grows your money overtime on behhalf of a child or grandchild or if you are like me you can register your student loan and Upromise will pay your rebates into your student loan on a quarterly basis. I've been a member since March 2005 and to date Upromise has paid off $2450.80 off of my existing student loan.
Click here to join Upromise - The Smart Way to Save for College

3) Is another great rebate program. Most notably they offer a large selection of coupon, promo codes. Join and receive $5 just for joining.   Shopathome mails your cash back after the balance reaches $20.

Think of it this way if you shop online and you are not participating in a rebate program you are losing money.
Join all 3...
Don't forget to compare rebate percentages and promo offers between the rebate programs.  Most importantly you must log into your rebate account of choice before making your purchase in order for your purchase to qualify.